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Paul lives in Knoxville with his wife, Jessica, and two sons. Jessica is a B2B technology content marketing writer whose work can be found at

I entered the world in Knoxville, Tennessee, on the site of a Civil War battle, and eight blocks west of author James Agee's birthplace.

As a kindergartener I saw the city's newly erected Sunsphere but missed the chance to attend the World's Fair that drew millions of visitors there in 1982. That year my family moved to Oceanside, California, where I grew accustomed to stucco, Mission style architecture, and the smells of sagebrush and the salty Pacific.

After college, I returned to East Tennessee to teach music, which I did for 10 years at a K-12 public school in Morgan County. Along the way I learned of James Agee and A Death in the Family, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel he based on his Knoxville childhood. My subsequent experience  researching and writing a biography of Agee  turned my attention from teaching to writing.

Now I create content related to education, history, and agriculture

Let's talk soon about how I can meet your content needs.

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