I know firsthand the factors that impact student learning, and draw on this experience as a writer.

During the 10 years I taught K-12 music at a Title 1 public school, I

  • chose curricula and designed courses

  • wrote and refined many lessons

  • managed classroom behavior

  • integrated Chromebooks, Google Classroom, PowerSchool, and other tech tools into my students’ daily work

  • facilitated county-wide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

  • started and led an after-school band program

  • received my school's Teacher of the Year award twice during my tenure


Outside the classroom, I've written higher education content including

  • content marketing

  • SEO blog articles

  • student profiles

  • webpages

  • webinar-based articles and newsletters

Alliant International University
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Harvard Business Publishing Education
• Ghostwritten articles and newsletters based on HBPE webinars
   (contact me for published examples)

Presbyterian College
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• Creative Writing
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Recent Grad Specializes in Chronic Care Management
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Occupational Therapy Careers
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